We all want a fair shake, a shot at the American Dream. We want to elect someone who is running to serve, not just running to get elected.

My Texas roots go back 5 generations, and I’ve been a proud resident of what’s now Congressional District 25 for 20 years. I am a graduate of University of Texas in Austin. I am also a former teacher, and current small business owner, wife, mother and advocate for public education and social justice. I ask for your trust and your confidence to make our district work for all of us.

I ask for your vote for Texas Congressional District 25.


Promises I make to you:

  • I will listen to you. I will represent your concerns in Washington.

  • I am a fiscal conservative, but I will vote to spend money or raise taxes when it’s the right thing to do to invest in our country. I’ll thoughtfully consider how any resource decisions affect you.

  • My faith will inform my decisions, but not drive them. I will respect all religions and viewpoints with a prime focus on the importance of the separation of Church and State.

  • I will work to get “dark money” out of elections. This cancer is squeezing the middle class out of existence and subverting our government.

  • I will not sacrifice the long term good for short term gain.

  • I will work tirelessly to bring good governance back to Americans, rather than just fundraising to get re-elected.

  • I will keep my daughter, your children, your grandchildren, and future generations in mind with every vote I cast.

  • I will not live, or vote, in fear.

  • I'm going to Washington to make a difference, not a career.

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